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The header image for this page shows Dominican Brothers from the 1950s in the habit they wore at the time. In modern times (as seen in this photo), all brothers, ordained and non-ordained, wear the same habit as a display of unity in brotherhood.



From the foundation of the order there has always been two callings within the vocation of a Dominican Friar. The first, and perhaps most well known, is the call to be a Priest. These Dominicans celebrate Mass, hear Confessions, and exercise whatever Sacramental ministry that the Church requires. 

The second, and no less important, is the call to be a Brother. This vocation is not less Dominican than that of the priests, nor is it only incidental to the mission of the Order. Truly, as the former Master of the Order, Bruno Cadore has said, '(The ordained brother and the non-ordained brother) are two expressions of the same vocation.'

Dominican brothers, impelled with the power and grace of the Eucharist, the Sacrament of Charity, have followed the vision of St. Dominic and “gone forth into the whole world to proclaim the good news to all creation” (Mk 16:15).

Dominican brothers freely and generously bring to others the gifts of their presence and their lives vowed to the Order’s mission of evangelization through preaching. The greatest gift Dominican brothers are privileged to bring to the encounter with others is the very person of Jesus in the Eucharist made flesh in them.

Dominican preaching cannot be done without Dominican Priests, and the preaching of Dominican Priests would be impoverished and less effective if not complemented by the preaching of the Brothers. 

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