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The Latin root of the word vocation is vocare--to call. The call does not originate in us, or any other earthly thing, but from God, the source of all goodness and Truth. Thus, our vocations come from an intimate relationship with God fostered by our listening and speaking with God. We cannot discern if we do not have a daily conversation with God. There are many ways in which we can have this conversation with God:

1.) The Mass is one of the primary ways in which we enter into this conversation. Make a point to attend Mass as often as you can. 

2.) Praying with the Scriptures. When you spend a little time each day reading the Scriptures and reflecting upon what they say, then you are immersing yourself into the mind and heart of God. By spending ten, fifteen, or thirty minutes praying with the Scriptures you are allowing God to direct your heart. One of the traditional monastic ways of praying with the Scriptures is called Lectio Divinia.

3.) Spend time in adoration. Seek out an adoration chapel or an open Church that you can escape to for prayer. Learn how to sit before the Lord and quiet yourself so that you just be present with God.

4.) Go to confession. Very often we cannot hear God’s voice because we are attached to sinful or worldly things. The Sacrament of Reconciliation cuts off these ties and allows us to renew our friendship with God. Go to confession at least once a month.

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