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In the Gospel of John, when Jesus meets his first disciples he asks them “what are you looking for?” They wanted to know where he was staying, so Jesus replied “Come and See.” He then invited them to stay with him for a brief time, but it was enough for them to know that they were going to give up everything and follow him. 

That’s why a Come and See Weekend is a must for anyone seriously discerning their vocation. Dominican Come and Sees are a sixty-four hour immersion experience into the very rhythm of religious life. Much like the first disciples, a Come and See often provides that “gut” experience which offers the visceral clarity that is the goal of discernment and the only true test of whether or not your home is here.

You will meet friars from twenty-three to well into their eighties, as well as a range of participants who, like you, ask the same questions. Between the shared experiences of the religious and those at your place in discernment, you cannot put a price on what you gain—a wealth of insight. Be one of the forty to fifty men who will take advantage of the opportunity this year. You have a choice: you can either spend time in your head wondering what religious life is all about, or you can come and find out. Don’t miss out—it’s only the rest of your life we’re talking about.

***To register for the Fall Come & See (October 27-29, 2023) please contact Fr. Samuel Hakeem, O.P., at

Come and See
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