New Friars in Ministry


Fr. James Dominic Rooney, OP

Teacher - The Angelicum

Fr. Patrick Hyde, OP

Pastor - St. Paul Catholic Center at IU

Fr. Reginald Wolford, OP

Campus Minister - St. Paul Catholic Center at IU

Br. Joe Trout, OP

Theology Department Chair - Fenwick High School

*Solemnly-Professed Brother

Fr. Raphael Christianson, OP

Doctoral Student - The Catholic University of America

Fr. Vincent Davila, OP

Doctoral Student - University of Notre Dame

Fr. James Peter Trares, OP

Doctoral Student - The Angelicum

Fr. Brent Bowen, OP

Campus Minister - St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Center at Purdue University

Fr. Brian Zuelke, OP

Adjunct Instructor - University of St. Thomas

Fr. Chris Johnson, OP

Theology Teacher - Fenwick High School

Br. John Steilberg, OP

Executive Director of Operations and Institutional Effectiveness - Aquinas Institute

*Solemnly-Professed Brother

Br. John Paul Peterson, OP

Social Work

*Solemnly-Professed Brother